Hiking-BootsWhen I was looking for the very best deals on hiking boots just this past month, I knew that there were a handful of “hotspots” that I needed to check out before I looked anywhere else.

I will admit that I am a bit of a “compulsive consumer” at times, and I can jump on any old purchase at just about any old price if the mood strikes me just right. However, most of the time, I’m a pretty smart shopper and look around for better deals before I pull the trigger on anything – and hopefully you will be able to take a couple of tips and tricks from me below if you’re looking for hiking boots in the future!

Online coupons are incredible

One of the easiest ways to save tons and tons of money on hiking boots (and just about everything else) is to grab some online coupons and apply them to your online shopping cart.

Most of the time, manufacturers or retailers are pretty upfront and honest about the online coupons that they offer and will help you out with a promo code here and there – but a lot of times I have to do a bit of “digging” to find even more substantial savings.

Online savings communities, online savings forums, and social media (especially Twitter) are my favorite “go to” online coupon locations when I’m looking to save some money. A quick Google search (or Twitter search) will end up giving you more coupons then you know what to do with!

Try to purchase last year’s model

A lot like cars, manufacturers of hiking boots are always under a constant pressure to produce the next “big thing”, and come up with some way to compete with businesses that are rolling out new products all the time.

Well, truth be told, there aren’t all that many “next big things” that manufacturers can shoehorn into hiking boots – although a set of boots that actually does the hiking for you would be pretty neat – and last year’s model is probably just as good as this year’s one, and a whole cheaper at the same time!

This isn’t always the case, but you should at least do a little bit of research to figure out whether or not spending extra money on a brand-new pair of boots is smarter than buying the older ones you can buy a lot cheaper!

If you just pay attention to those two tips and tricks above, you’ll come away with the best deals on hiking boots almost every single time you go shopping for them.

Obviously, you want to be on the lookout for clearance deals, discount offers, and coupons that you can stack and combine together – but if you aren’t getting lucky with those kinds of discounts then these ones will definitely serve you well!

At the end of the day, it’s really not that hard to get the best hiking boots for next to nothing!