DJ_SoftwareA good DJ can be defined by their DJ Software. As a DJ I have used them all, from the free versions you wish you could forget to the crazily overpriced but self-esteem building beasts of the industry. However, there is nothing better than a little experience guiding your way as you choose your software.

Here are my top picks for DJ Software:

No. One: PCDJ Dex – $179 – PC/Mac

PCDJ Dex is a complete DJ package software including special effects, mixer features, and EQs and integrates video software and karaoke support. While the price is relatively high, the features included are almost all-inclusive which makes the PCDJ Dex Software one of the best on the market. And, just for security, the program can be downloaded in a trial form from the company site. This ensures you know the type of program you are getting before purchase commitment.

No. Two: Digital DJ2 – $50 – PC/Mac

Averagely priced is a powerful software featuring s plethora of applications and features. Overall, the program is a slightly reduced edition of Image-Line’s Deckdance just more affordably priced. The low price, mixed with the impressive features make it an ideal software for new DJs. The program is a great option for those wanting to enjoy the necessary features of a DJ software without having to spend additional money on all the bells and whistles.

No. Three: Mixvibes Cross – $119 – PC/Mac

Perhaps the best feature of the Mixvibes Cross software is highly customizable user interface containing multiple decks, a large sampler, multiple assignable cue points as well as dozens of effects to make the software idea for any occasion. Another great feature offered by Mixvibes Cross allows users to import entire outside libraries directly from a unique program called Pioneer Rekordbox – a software operated by Mixvibes itself.

No. Four: Mixxx – Free – PC/Mac/Linux

I wanted to include at least one free software on the list – especially since we are talking about the best deals. Mixxx is a completely open source that is free for download on just about any platform.  Because of its price tag and its comparable quality, Mixxx has a loyal fan base filled with people who claim it to be on par with some of the bigger boys in the industry.  It also include iTunes integration capability as well as a large variety of track formats. Even more, because of the open source, the community is filled with creative add-ons and fun new features improved each day.

No. Five: Atomix VirtualDJ Pro -$299 – PC/Mac

One of the bigger players on the DJ software front. While the price tag is not low, it is certainly one of the most professional software on the market. Users can mix 99 different tracks on 99 different virtual decks all at once (why the heck you need this feature is beyond me, but hey, it’s an option.) The program also includes audio line in features, mapping, and fun and unique DJ controls. For anyone wanting to step up to the big leagues, Atomix is certainly the way to go.