SwissGear SA1923 ScanSmart

We spend a lot of money on our laptops. Whenever I order mine, I can’t help but custom order my rig with all the bells and whistles I can possibly afford. The beauty of a laptop is its portability. I’ve taken my laptop with me on planes, up mountains, to two continents, and even once to an amusement park. With all that hauling around there can be a real fear for your pricey friend’s safety. Safety, quality, and reliability are some of the most important aspects when choosing a laptop backpack, but there is also a lot to be said for cost effectiveness.

Following, is a lift of my five favorite brands in safety, appearance, quality, and price.

No. 1: Swiss Gear

Swiss Gear offers diverse styles including messenger bags, backpacks, and rolling bags. My favorite part of Swiss Gear bags is the tons of extra space included in each bag. Through the years, I’ve managed to include cameras, planners, folders, and my smart phone/tablet in the same case with my laptop. There is nothing better than knowing your belongings are protected, plus all together in a single bag.

No. 2: Case Logic

Rising from its origins in the 80s as an audio storage company, Case Logic has made an impressive name for itself in the market of laptop cases. Case logic bags are unique in appearance plus contain loads of storage for your electronics. Even more, the unique material each bag is made from is great for protecting exposed screens from cameras, tablets, and phones so that you never have to worry about shoving your belongings in a case – before you put them in a case.

No. 3: Tamrac

Tamrac is by far my favorite brand for outdoor electronic carrying gear. The company was originally built on an idea of nature photographers and they build their products to withstand even the harshest situations Mother Nature has to offer. Tamrac bags are not flashy and are not built to be pretty – they are built for effectiveness. Tamrac provides bags that are perfect for hiking electronics such as GPS gear.

No. 4: Kensington

Kensington provides simple and effective bags at a reasonable price always built with quality in mind. The company provides smart products that are ideal for travelers. Many of their cases resemble briefcases and messenger bags making Kensington a great option for professionals on the go. Simple colors, sleek styles, and high quality make Kensington a great laptop backpack option.

No. 5: JanSport

JanSport offers the best value on their bags. Rather you are a student just carrying your computer back and forth to class or if you are a cyclist who carries their bag to work on their back – JanSport has an options for them. Even more, JanSport is great for those looking for a stylish option. Many of their bags are linked to designer names and offer unique looks that are suited for anybody of any age.