Every so often there are things around the house which break or get damaged. For a homeowner, you should consider doing as much of these things on your own. Making the first steps as a DIY guru, you would need several kinds of equipment or specialised kits to do these things. These range from things you need to change a light bulb to changing a faucet. The following are the top 5 kits that every household DIY guru should have.

  1. Basic electronics kit. This is one of the most important DIY kits that a home should have. There are a lot of instances when you would need to splice or open a junction. In most cases, you just need to find out what went wrong, and if it is simple, you can use an electrical tape to connect things. The kit includes one or two sizes of Philips screwdrivers, one or two flat screwdrivers, a pair of long nose pliers, a cutter, and electrical tape. A can of WD-40 would also help but is not necessary.
  2. Basic plumbing kit. Not everyone can just go and repair a leak. There are just some things that you should leave for a plumber to do. However, for the basic leaks, you should have a basic plumbing kit. This includes a declogger, a regular plunger and a flanged plunger, two pipe wrench, and a Teflon tape. If you need to break down a wall, then you should think about filling up the hole again. In which case, it would be better if you leave that to professionals.
  3. Power drill kit. Although this is an advanced kit, it is also the more popular kit among DIY practitioners. Possibly because it gives a sense of power, men and women like the idea of having a big handheld device which can bore through holes in the wall. Unfortunately, it is also one of the more expensive types of kits, as well as the least used. The power drill kit includes several drill bits in different sizes for different surfaces.
  4. Paint chip repair kit. Paint behaves depending on the climate and weather. There is also a need for regular maintenance. This is a fact which is seldom acknowledged unless you live in a boat. By nature, paint peels and to keep the place looking good, you have to peel off the paint, and put a fresh coat of paint. The best paint chip repair kit includes a scraper, masking tape, stud detector, work gloves, protective eyewear or goggles, a step ladder, and a bucket.
  5. House painting kit. This is another advanced kit, as you will not paint large surfaces for more than once a year. Aside from the paint chip repair kit, you should also include sandpaper, brushes, rollers, epoxy, putty, and possibly caulk for waterproofing window sills.

Not everyone has all these kits, but if you are a serious DIY guru, you would also have other kits with you, including a car repair kit, a roofing kit, as well as a more advanced electronic kit which includes a multi-tester.

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