We all know just how important it is to get a full night of good sleep. When you don’t, you awake lethargic and slow to start the day. You’ll then find it difficult to have the energy and mental clarity needed to be as productive as possible. You may even end up irritable and grumpy, lashing out at your friends, family members, and co-workers over essentially trivial things.

It’s also become somewhat common knowledge that having the right mattress can contribute to getting a healthy sleep. The opposite is also true: having an old, lumpy mattress will result in sleep that doesn’t serve its purpose. But mattresses are expensive. With budgets as tight as they are these days it can be difficult to replace your mattress when you realize that it’s necessary. So, how can you get the best deal possible?

Combine Online Shopping and Retailers to Find Great Deals

You can order a new mattress online. This poses one simple problem, though: if you haven’t had a chance to test the mattress for comfort, there’s simply no way you can be certain that it will be as comfortable as you’d like or need. Because of this, many people simply avoid shopping for their mattress on the web.

You’re likely aware that mattress salespeople are paid commissions, just like every other salesperson. This can make it incredibly difficult to trust that you’re getting the best deal possible when shopping with a local retailer. But, unless you actually stop in at one of these stores, you won’t be able to test a mattress for comfort. Of course you can read lots of mattress reviews online to make the right decision, we prefer memory foam types.

The best approach is combining the two. First, visit your local retailer and speak with a sleep consultant. They’ll help you find the mattress that is best for you, and you’ll actually have a chance to lay on it before making your decision. The salesperson will press you to make a purchasing decision, but let them know that you need to think about it before making a purchasing decision. Be sure to note the brand and specific model of the mattress you’ve tested.

When you return home, shop the internet for the same mattress, finding the best deal you possibly can. Be sure to take shipping costs into consideration, as mattress delivery can be rather expensive.

Making the Final Purchasing Decision

There are two potential outcomes once you’ve found the best deal online. The cost of the mattress combined with the cost of shipping is cheaper than purchasing the mattress at your local retailer, or, it is more expensive. If the total cost is cheaper when ordering online you’ve found the best deal and should proceed. If it’s not, though, your mattress salesperson can help.

Most retailers provide free delivery even if it isn’t advertised. You simply have to ask. Show your salesperson the deal you’ve found online and ask them to match it. Once they’ve agreed, ask for free delivery, which they’ll provide most of the time. No matter the end result, combining online shopping with a visit to a local retailer is necessary if you want to get the best deal on the best mattress for you.