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Top 5 Kits Every DIY Guru Should Have

Every so often there are things around the house which break or get damaged. For a homeowner, you should consider doing as much of these things on your own. Making the first steps as a DIY guru, you would need several kinds of equipment or specialised kits to do these things. These range from things you need to change a light bulb to changing a faucet. The following are the top 5 kits that every household DIY guru should have.

  1. Basic electronics kit. This is one of the most important DIY kits that a home should have. There are a lot of instances when you would need to splice or open a junction. In most cases, you just need to find out what went wrong, and if it is simple, you can use an electrical tape to connect things. The kit includes one or two sizes of Philips screwdrivers, one or two flat screwdrivers, a pair of long nose pliers, a cutter, and electrical tape. A can of WD-40 would also help but is not necessary.
  2. Basic plumbing kit. Not everyone can just go and repair a leak. There are just some things that you should leave for a plumber to do. However, for the basic leaks, you should have a basic plumbing kit. This includes a declogger, a regular plunger and a flanged plunger, two pipe wrench, and a Teflon tape. If you need to break down a wall, then you should think about filling up the hole again. In which case, it would be better if you leave that to professionals.
  3. Power drill kit. Although this is an advanced kit, it is also the more popular kit among DIY practitioners. Possibly because it gives a sense of power, men and women like the idea of having a big handheld device which can bore through holes in the wall. Unfortunately, it is also one of the more expensive types of kits, as well as the least used. The power drill kit includes several drill bits in different sizes for different surfaces.
  4. Paint chip repair kit. Paint behaves depending on the climate and weather. There is also a need for regular maintenance. This is a fact which is seldom acknowledged unless you live in a boat. By nature, paint peels and to keep the place looking good, you have to peel off the paint, and put a fresh coat of paint. The best paint chip repair kit includes a scraper, masking tape, stud detector, work gloves, protective eyewear or goggles, a step ladder, and a bucket.
  5. House painting kit. This is another advanced kit, as you will not paint large surfaces for more than once a year. Aside from the paint chip repair kit, you should also include sandpaper, brushes, rollers, epoxy, putty, and possibly caulk for waterproofing window sills.

Not everyone has all these kits, but if you are a serious DIY guru, you would also have other kits with you, including a car repair kit, a roofing kit, as well as a more advanced electronic kit which includes a multi-tester.

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Where is the Best Place to Buy a Self-balancing Scooter?

Where is the Best Place to Buy a Self-balancing ScooterIf you’ve been searching high and low for the “next big thing” as far as transportation technology is concerned – the self balancing scooter – the odds are pretty good that you had at least a little bit of difficulty finding the best place to purchase one of these amazing machines.

No, that’s not because there are so few sources selling these advanced pieces of technology. Nothing could be further from the truth. There are thousands and thousands of people out there selling these machines, which means you’re always going to have a flood of choices to pick from.

The problem isn’t that there are too few sources – it’s that there are so many, and that there are so many different kinds of self balancing scooters that you’ll have to sort through.

Thankfully, you’ll be able to arm yourself with the inside information we have for you in this quick guide. You’ll be able to quickly find the perfect place to buy this must have gadget, but you’ll also be able to effortlessly sort through all of the different options to find the perfect self balancing scooter for your specific needs.

It really doesn’t get any easier than this – so let’s jump right in!

You can’t beat buying a self balancing scooter in person

Though you are always going to find more options on the Internet when searching for this gizmo, the truth of the matter is nothing beats buying a self balancing scooter in person if you’ve never climbed atop one before.

This isn’t the kind of transportation technology you’re going to want to just snap up online and hope for the best, but instead something that you’re going to want to actually try out in person before you take the plunge.

There’s a little bit of a learning curve (not unlike learning how to ride a bike for the first time), and you’ll want to make sure that you are completely comfortable traveling along that learning curve before you drop the kind of money that the best self balancing scooters command.

Definitely give a self balancing scooter a trial run in person before you purchase one anywhere.

Of course, prices on self balancing scooters will ALWAYS be better online

On the flipside, you’re always going to find the best prices on hoverboards on the Internet.

There are a lot of different reasons behind why this is the truth about the fact of the matter is you are going to have to pay a premium price tag to a local “brick and mortar” shop that carries self balancing scooters compared to the price is that you’ll find online (it’s the same thing if you want to buy say, a mattress online). This is why so many people try self balancing scooters out in person and then order the ones that they are most comfortable with online, saving themselves anywhere between $50 and a few hundred dollars in the process.

It may be something that you’ll want to at least consider. After all, shopping online can be a breeze if you know how to.

It’s probably a good idea to skip out on buying self balancing scooters secondhand

At the end of the day, you’re going to want to make sure that you get your hands on a brand-new self balancing scooter if at all possible.

Sure, you might be able to find a red hot deal on a secondhand scooter, but you don’t want to go down that road for a bunch of different reasons. You’ll never know how well (or how poorly) that scooter was treated, you’ll never know which (if any) modifications were made, and you won’t know how much more life that scooter has left in it.

Like a vehicle, you should always shoot to be the first owner if at all possible – just to save yourself a world of hassle and headache later down the line. On top of that, the prices really aren’t all that different between used scooters and brand-new ones.

Golden Rules On How To Find The Perfect Zumba Shoes

Lots of brands! Lots of styles! Lots of shoes you wish to buy! But what about finding a zumba shoes that will fit your budget? Spending for something useful is not spending at all. This is what you call investment, the best zumba shoes like those at ShoeFinale do not come cheap. The world has a lot of options to offer you, one of these is to shop online like Ebay, where you can eventually see the designs and make a reservation. Plus! Not spending too much time and effort. Also, asking for help from zumba girl friends will give you ideas if ever some of them are interested in selling.

Buying branded stuff may cost you extra but quality and comfort wise, rest assured, these branded products will give exactly what you need.   When it comes into auctions, it is important for you to know when the exact time for you to bid. Finding some inexperienced sellers will help you big time! Sellers who don’t have any idea on pricing their items. Most possible reasons are quick selling like they are moving to another place and decided to sell stuff that are not so important. Last thing! A top secret revealed! This involves shopping online. Some sellers usually misspelled products like shoes into *sheos. Intentionally, try to misspell product’s name or brand and voila! You will be surprised by brilliant deals this misspelled terms will present you. Dig a lot of gold in Vista products, here you can find a lot of misspelled products, brands and terms that will be applied to that strategy of getting ridiculously low deals.

Hope these tips will help you find a perfect pair of Zumba shoes you can enjoy and are comfortable to dance with. It is always understood having a high standard of living, everybody wants it cheap. Health advice will somehow be implemented when it comes to trading shoes or any personal stuff. This may cause you skin problems like athlete’s foot from fungi transferred from ones foot to another stuck inside the shoes due to sweating and improper hygiene. Also think of dealing in a legal way, this will give you peace and surely no regrets of being sued because of buying stuff like your Zumba shoes. Be wise, even in this very kind of decisions, people may take advantage, but ignorance is not an excuse. Shop wisely and enjoy your shoes.

Finding the Best Deals on Mattresses with Two Simple Tips

We all know just how important it is to get a full night of good sleep. When you don’t, you awake lethargic and slow to start the day. You’ll then find it difficult to have the energy and mental clarity needed to be as productive as possible. You may even end up irritable and grumpy, lashing out at your friends, family members, and co-workers over essentially trivial things.

It’s also become somewhat common knowledge that having the right mattress can contribute to getting a healthy sleep. The opposite is also true: having an old, lumpy mattress will result in sleep that doesn’t serve its purpose. But mattresses are expensive. With budgets as tight as they are these days it can be difficult to replace your mattress when you realize that it’s necessary. So, how can you get the best deal possible?

Combine Online Shopping and Retailers to Find Great Deals

You can order a new mattress online. This poses one simple problem, though: if you haven’t had a chance to test the mattress for comfort, there’s simply no way you can be certain that it will be as comfortable as you’d like or need. Because of this, many people simply avoid shopping for their mattress on the web.

You’re likely aware that mattress salespeople are paid commissions, just like every other salesperson. This can make it incredibly difficult to trust that you’re getting the best deal possible when shopping with a local retailer. But, unless you actually stop in at one of these stores, you won’t be able to test a mattress for comfort. Of course you can read lots of mattress reviews online to make the right decision, we prefer memory foam types.

The best approach is combining the two. First, visit your local retailer and speak with a sleep consultant. They’ll help you find the mattress that is best for you, and you’ll actually have a chance to lay on it before making your decision. The salesperson will press you to make a purchasing decision, but let them know that you need to think about it before making a purchasing decision. Be sure to note the brand and specific model of the mattress you’ve tested.

When you return home, shop the internet for the same mattress, finding the best deal you possibly can. Be sure to take shipping costs into consideration, as mattress delivery can be rather expensive.

Making the Final Purchasing Decision

There are two potential outcomes once you’ve found the best deal online. The cost of the mattress combined with the cost of shipping is cheaper than purchasing the mattress at your local retailer, or, it is more expensive. If the total cost is cheaper when ordering online you’ve found the best deal and should proceed. If it’s not, though, your mattress salesperson can help.

Most retailers provide free delivery even if it isn’t advertised. You simply have to ask. Show your salesperson the deal you’ve found online and ask them to match it. Once they’ve agreed, ask for free delivery, which they’ll provide most of the time. No matter the end result, combining online shopping with a visit to a local retailer is necessary if you want to get the best deal on the best mattress for you.

Finding deals on Quadcopters – This year’s must have

There are many different places you can purchase a quadcopter for personal use. You can buy them online or in hobby shops, where ever they are allowed. They can be used as toys for older children and adults to go out and get some fresh air and enjoy the day. The difference between quadcopters and other RC airplanes is the camera allowing the ability to take photos and videos as well as the stability that is offered with the four propellers.

Finding the Best Deal

The best way to find a great deal when buying anything is to shop around. It is good not to set your heart on something if you want to find it at a lower price. The price for a quadcopter can easily range from $40 to $2,000 depending on what you want and the quality you are aiming for. Some places that you can check into to find a quadcopter for sale would be Amazon as well as EBay.


You will want to keep in mind that more features generally means more money. If you are thinking about just purchasing a quadcopter that you can play with, then starting with the cheapest one you can find isn’t such a bad idea, although if you are looking for something with a camera you’ll want to go for something a little higher end. Some of the best quadcopters can be pretty expensive, see for examples. These machines can be a lot of fun for you, your family, and your friends and can be pretty fun to show off once you have gotten the hang of flying them yourself.

How to Find the Best Deals on Coffeemakers

coffee-makerIt wasn’t all that long ago that I was searching for a brand-new coffee maker, mostly because my “Old Faithful” coffee machine took a nosedive and quit working.

Well, after 15 years of using the same thing, coffee maker technology has transformed quite a bit – to the point where I didn’t even recognize coffeemakers anymore!

I thought that I was looking for a new Mr. Coffee, but once I got a look at all of the different products out there I was lured into purchasing something else entirely.

And while I’ll keep my purchase a little bit “secret” so I don’t influence you one way or another, hopefully you’ll be able to use these tips interest below to get the best deals on a coffee maker for yourself! One big tip though is to check reviews first, that will really help in finding the best coffee machine.

Anyway, let’s jump right in!

Outline my expectations

The very first thing I did was outline my expectations for a new coffee maker, something that I do every single time I plan to spend any more than $50.

By outlining my expectations (I needed a coffee maker that could produce multiple cups of coffee on a single run, keep it warm over longer periods of time, and take just about any kind of coffee I wanted to put into the filter) I was able to narrow down my selections considerably.

There are just way too many coffeemakers out there right now to choose from that if you don’t have reasonable expectations ahead of time you’ll end up with a mess on your hands!

Check online stores first

Secondly, I made sure to check all of the online stores first before ever stepping foot in a retail location.

Now, I know that not everyone loves to shop online, but I love to save money – and it’s hard to ignore the fact that you can save a tremendous amount of cash by shopping online rather than at a physical location.

On top of that, I knew that if I found a coffee maker that met my expectations at a local store I’d buy it no matter what the price – and that wasn’t the point of this exercise!

Apply any coupons I can dig up

The next step is going out in digging up as many online coupon codes or discount offers that you can find.

Believe it or not, there are literally tons and tons of these coupons and promo codes floating around on the Internet every single day – all you have to do is know where to find them!

A quick Google search will end up turning out more online codes and promo offers then you know what to do with, but at least you will be guaranteed to get the lowest possible prices on your coffee maker when it comes time to pull the trigger on a purchase.

Use my rewards points credit card

Finally, I used my credit card that gives me the most reward points for the purchase, knowing that I’ll pay the balance off in full before I get hit with any interest.

By doing this, I’m able to increase the value of my purchase dramatically, without having to break the bank when it comes time to purchase a new coffee maker.

I really hope that helps you out!

Finding the Best Deals on Hiking Boots

Hiking-BootsWhen I was looking for the very best deals on hiking boots just this past month, I knew that there were a handful of “hotspots” that I needed to check out before I looked anywhere else.

I will admit that I am a bit of a “compulsive consumer” at times, and I can jump on any old purchase at just about any old price if the mood strikes me just right. However, most of the time, I’m a pretty smart shopper and look around for better deals before I pull the trigger on anything – and hopefully you will be able to take a couple of tips and tricks from me below if you’re looking for hiking boots in the future!

Online coupons are incredible

One of the easiest ways to save tons and tons of money on hiking boots (and just about everything else) is to grab some online coupons and apply them to your online shopping cart.

Most of the time, manufacturers or retailers are pretty upfront and honest about the online coupons that they offer and will help you out with a promo code here and there – but a lot of times I have to do a bit of “digging” to find even more substantial savings.

Online savings communities, online savings forums, and social media (especially Twitter) are my favorite “go to” online coupon locations when I’m looking to save some money. A quick Google search (or Twitter search) will end up giving you more coupons then you know what to do with!

Try to purchase last year’s model

A lot like cars, manufacturers of hiking boots are always under a constant pressure to produce the next “big thing”, and come up with some way to compete with businesses that are rolling out new products all the time.

Well, truth be told, there aren’t all that many “next big things” that manufacturers can shoehorn into hiking boots – although a set of boots that actually does the hiking for you would be pretty neat – and last year’s model is probably just as good as this year’s one, and a whole cheaper at the same time!

This isn’t always the case, but you should at least do a little bit of research to figure out whether or not spending extra money on a brand-new pair of boots is smarter than buying the older ones you can buy a lot cheaper!

If you just pay attention to those two tips and tricks above, you’ll come away with the best deals on hiking boots almost every single time you go shopping for them.

Obviously, you want to be on the lookout for clearance deals, discount offers, and coupons that you can stack and combine together – but if you aren’t getting lucky with those kinds of discounts then these ones will definitely serve you well!

At the end of the day, it’s really not that hard to get the best hiking boots for next to nothing!

Top Five DJ Software Deals

DJ_SoftwareA good DJ can be defined by their DJ Software. As a DJ I have used them all, from the free versions you wish you could forget to the crazily overpriced but self-esteem building beasts of the industry. However, there is nothing better than a little experience guiding your way as you choose your software.

Here are my top picks for DJ Software:

No. One: PCDJ Dex – $179 – PC/Mac

PCDJ Dex is a complete DJ package software including special effects, mixer features, and EQs and integrates video software and karaoke support. While the price is relatively high, the features included are almost all-inclusive which makes the PCDJ Dex Software one of the best on the market. And, just for security, the program can be downloaded in a trial form from the company site. This ensures you know the type of program you are getting before purchase commitment.

No. Two: Digital DJ2 – $50 – PC/Mac

Averagely priced is a powerful software featuring s plethora of applications and features. Overall, the program is a slightly reduced edition of Image-Line’s Deckdance just more affordably priced. The low price, mixed with the impressive features make it an ideal software for new DJs. The program is a great option for those wanting to enjoy the necessary features of a DJ software without having to spend additional money on all the bells and whistles.

No. Three: Mixvibes Cross – $119 – PC/Mac

Perhaps the best feature of the Mixvibes Cross software is highly customizable user interface containing multiple decks, a large sampler, multiple assignable cue points as well as dozens of effects to make the software idea for any occasion. Another great feature offered by Mixvibes Cross allows users to import entire outside libraries directly from a unique program called Pioneer Rekordbox – a software operated by Mixvibes itself.

No. Four: Mixxx – Free – PC/Mac/Linux

I wanted to include at least one free software on the list – especially since we are talking about the best deals. Mixxx is a completely open source that is free for download on just about any platform.  Because of its price tag and its comparable quality, Mixxx has a loyal fan base filled with people who claim it to be on par with some of the bigger boys in the industry.  It also include iTunes integration capability as well as a large variety of track formats. Even more, because of the open source, the community is filled with creative add-ons and fun new features improved each day.

No. Five: Atomix VirtualDJ Pro -$299 – PC/Mac

One of the bigger players on the DJ software front. While the price tag is not low, it is certainly one of the most professional software on the market. Users can mix 99 different tracks on 99 different virtual decks all at once (why the heck you need this feature is beyond me, but hey, it’s an option.) The program also includes audio line in features, mapping, and fun and unique DJ controls. For anyone wanting to step up to the big leagues, Atomix is certainly the way to go.

The Best Deals in Laptop Backpack Brands on the Market Today


SwissGear SA1923 ScanSmart

We spend a lot of money on our laptops. Whenever I order mine, I can’t help but custom order my rig with all the bells and whistles I can possibly afford. The beauty of a laptop is its portability. I’ve taken my laptop with me on planes, up mountains, to two continents, and even once to an amusement park. With all that hauling around there can be a real fear for your pricey friend’s safety. Safety, quality, and reliability are some of the most important aspects when choosing a laptop backpack, but there is also a lot to be said for cost effectiveness.

Following, is a lift of my five favorite brands in safety, appearance, quality, and price.

No. 1: Swiss Gear

Swiss Gear offers diverse styles including messenger bags, backpacks, and rolling bags. My favorite part of Swiss Gear bags is the tons of extra space included in each bag. Through the years, I’ve managed to include cameras, planners, folders, and my smart phone/tablet in the same case with my laptop. There is nothing better than knowing your belongings are protected, plus all together in a single bag.

No. 2: Case Logic

Rising from its origins in the 80s as an audio storage company, Case Logic has made an impressive name for itself in the market of laptop cases. Case logic bags are unique in appearance plus contain loads of storage for your electronics. Even more, the unique material each bag is made from is great for protecting exposed screens from cameras, tablets, and phones so that you never have to worry about shoving your belongings in a case – before you put them in a case.

No. 3: Tamrac

Tamrac is by far my favorite brand for outdoor electronic carrying gear. The company was originally built on an idea of nature photographers and they build their products to withstand even the harshest situations Mother Nature has to offer. Tamrac bags are not flashy and are not built to be pretty – they are built for effectiveness. Tamrac provides bags that are perfect for hiking electronics such as GPS gear.

No. 4: Kensington

Kensington provides simple and effective bags at a reasonable price always built with quality in mind. The company provides smart products that are ideal for travelers. Many of their cases resemble briefcases and messenger bags making Kensington a great option for professionals on the go. Simple colors, sleek styles, and high quality make Kensington a great laptop backpack option.

No. 5: JanSport

JanSport offers the best value on their bags. Rather you are a student just carrying your computer back and forth to class or if you are a cyclist who carries their bag to work on their back – JanSport has an options for them. Even more, JanSport is great for those looking for a stylish option. Many of their bags are linked to designer names and offer unique looks that are suited for anybody of any age.

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